Post-Doctoral Position in Development Economics (100%, 6 months)

DIW Berlin’s Sustainable Development Research Group offers a

Post-Doctoral Position in Development Economics
(100%, 6 months)

The temporary position is a parental leave replacement. The candidate will contribute to a long-term research project on shocks and household migration ( Funded by Volkswagen Foundation, the project investigates how pastoralist households in Central Asia adjust their nomadic movements to cope with extreme weather events and other hazards. The project collects and analyzes a new database, bridging the disciplines of development economics and geoinformatics. Using Global Positioning System (GPS) technology, the daily location of nomadic herders in Mongolia were recorded for a 12 months period. During this period, an extreme weather event occurred, which varied strongly in its spatial intensity. In Kyrgyzstan, the project tracked the movements of semi-nomadic herders between summer and winter pastures. In both countries, additional household survey data from the same sample households were collected that record households’ exposure to shocks, the coping strategies applied by households, and a wide range of measures of well-being. The novelty of our approach lies in combining location data of (semi-) nomadic households with socio-economic survey data and assessing the data jointly. The project investigates to what degree mobility, land use patterns, the geographic environment at a household’s location, and access to markets mitigate the effects of shocks.