20. June 2019 20.Jun.2019
WZB Berlin
Martin Sefton, University of Nottingham
Communication with partially verifiable information: An experiment
Berlin Behavioral Economics Co…
FU Berlin
FU Research Seminar in Economi…
HU Berlin
Jan Starmans, Stockholm School of Economics
Optimal Agents
Finance-Accounting Research Se…
WZB Berlin
Berlin Behavioral Economics Co…
21. June 2019 21.Jun.2019
WZB Berlin
Tomaso Duso
BCCP Conference and Policy Forum 2019
Anna J. Schwartz Room
DIW Applied Micro Seminar
24. June 2019 24.Jun.2019
WZB Berlin
Matthias Lang, LMU Munich
Bilateral Trade with Justification
Berlin Micro Theory Seminar Se…
25. June 2019 25.Jun.2019
Joan Robinson Room
European banking landscape between diversity, competition and concentration
HU Berlin
Brian Reich, NC State University
High-dimensional conditional density estimation using deep learning
Statistics and Econometrics Se…
26. June 2019 26.Jun.2019
Joan Robinson Room
Mathias Hoffmann, University of Zurich
Growing Like Germany: Local Public Debt, Local Banks, Low Private Investment
DIW Seminar on Macroeconomics …