23. January 2018 23.Jan.2018
DIW Gustav Schmoller (3.3.002A)
Patricia Gallego Granados, DIW Berlin
The Part-Time Wage Gap across the Wage Distribution
Job Market Talk
HU Berlin
24. January 2018 24.Jan.2018
DIW Berlin (Gustav-Schmoller-Raum)
DIW Seminar on Macroeconomics …
DIW Berlin (Eleanor-Dulles-Raum)
Daniel D. Schnitzlein
The relationship between trust, cognitive abilities, and democracy. Evidence from 30 countries around the world
SOEP Brown Bag Seminar
WIAS Berlin
Andreas Maurer, Munich
Concentration for functions of bounded interaction
Mathematical Statistics Semina…
HU Berlin
Maren Brede, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin
To be announced
Brown Bag Seminar HU Berlin
HU Berlin
Philipp Kessler, University of Mannheim
The London Debt Agreement and the German Economy during the early 1950s
Berliner Forschungskolloquium …
25. January 2018 25.Jan.2018
DIW Berlin
Berlin Behavioral Economics Co…
HU Room 338
Jakob Schlockermann, Princeton University
Do Provider Incentives Always Affect Health Care Costs? New Evidence From Germany
Job Market Talk
DIW Berlin
Theo Offerman, University of Amsterdam
A market for honesty: Fighting corruption in education
Berlin Behavioral Economics Co…