20. November 2017 20.Nov.2017
DIW Berlin (Schumpeter Hall)
Edwin Leuven (Universtiy of Oslo)
Field of study, selection, and the gender pay gap
Berlin Applied Micro Seminar
WZB Berlin
Tobias Gamp, University College London
Deceptive Products and Competition in Search Markets
Berlin Micro Theory Seminar Se…
DIW Berlin
Edwin Leuven, University of Oslo
Field of Study, Selection, and the Gender Pay Gap
Berlin Applied Micro Seminar
HU Berlin
Xiu Xu, Egor Klovkov, Humboldt University of Berlin, IRTG 1792
To be announced
Economic Risk Seminar
21. November 2017 21.Nov.2017
HU Berlin
Jan Nimczik, Universität Mannheim
To be announced
22. November 2017 22.Nov.2017
DIW Berlin (Ferdinand-Friedensburg-Raum)
Judith Niehues (IW Köln)
Sensitivity Analysis of Real Income Growth in the SOEP
SOEP Brown Bag Seminar
DIW Berlin (Eleanor-Dulles-Raum)
Sascha Drahs
The Effect of Parental Leave Policies in Frictional Labor Markets
Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche F…
DIW Berlin (Gustav-Schmoller-Raum)
DIW Seminar on Macroeconomics …
Eleanor-Dulles-Room (5.2.010)
Cluster-Seminar Öffentliche F…